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Here you will find every unique stuff, tips and tricks including but not limited to news, health, finance, home, living, business, electronic, gadget, phone, technology, computer, travel which you may find useful in daily lifestyle.

wanna do tricky and amazing things with your browser? Thanks to these small javascript bookmarklets, now you can do things like: reveal password masked with asterisks, edit a webpage lively, and get your download at full speed from various file hosting sites.
You may be one of thousands online users who shop online at Amazon.com. This online shopping destination sometimes give you a huge discount, but you may miss it if you do not have the right tools. Here we make a search engine which will reveal all the Amazon huge discounts and you can save a lot of money shopping there.
Mouse lifetime is limited to its internal clicking component. One common error is: mouse double click when you actually want to single click. It is really annoying but we will tell you how to fix it yourself..
Yahoo has upgraded its mail to new yahoo mail and left no way for users to downgrade back to the old classic version. Many users still miss the classic yahoo for its simplicity and responsiveness. If you are one of them, this trick will help you to get what you want: Yahoo Mail Classic.
Looking for a good web hosting company, but overwhelmed with thousands of different reviews from hundreds of sites? Here we tell you how to carry out the research yourself. This is the most simple and effective way to find reliable web hosting yourself.
WhatsApp supports most phone gadgets available on market todays, including Blackberry. For Blackberry users, you can now also make it works on WIFI / GPRS without subscribing to the high cost monthly BIS. Find out how..
Nowadays the harddisk size has reached the capacity which the FAT32 can no longer support it. The FAT32 has a size limitation of 32 GB. For the fans of FAT32 partition, you can still read this guide to format your new high capacity harddisk to work with full compatibility.
The most famous article containing guides to fix an Android tablet, especially the chinese made model, which will not let you boot properly to the Android home screen. Fix problem with a frozen startup screen where a robot or logo stops animating and never makes it to the Android home screen / desktop. Also comes with many firmwares list which you may find suitable for your tablet model and brand.
An interesting guide to tell you how to get the most out of your Air Conditioners. Contains tips which the seller won't tell you. You can save a lot of money by following these tips which will improve and optimize your Air Conditioners efficiency and finally save more on your electricity bill.
What an amazing world. This unique sea slug does not need to eat anything to survive but capable of processing photosynthesis to meet the body's energy needs.
Simply share your USB or RJ11 dial up internet with others via a WiFi access point by following the tutorials described in this article. The most simple and easy alternative to share a cheap or even free conventional dial up internet.
A complete resource on how to diagnose and fix your XBOX AC adapter problem. This article explains every light colors combination meaning and how to troubleshoot it. Save your money by trying to fix it yourself before deciding to buy a new XBOX AC adapter.
Wondering how the professionals create the beatiful etched glasses? Want to etch one of your best image or logo on any glasses surface? Just try it yourself by following this DIY.
The land and air journey becomes integrated now, you can start driving from the ground directly flying up to the air. That is a dream of flight researchers since 1918. With currently acquired license from FAA, this air and ground integrated personal mobility will hit the market soon. So, what does it look like?
Stop buying toothpaste and harming your priceless teeth with fluoride, you can now brush your teeth without toothpaste. Thanks to the technology invented by the scientists which utilizes ion to replace the toothpaste. That new toothbrush is named ionic toothbrush.
This system can be used at a few meters distance and allowed to create recharging hotspots. This technology is expected to be available before 2012. This technology uses magnetic resonance to send electric waves through the air into the charger and device.
When we talk about coins, we talk about the intrinsic value of the thin circle metals. But when we talk about design you would better checkout these extraordinary coins around the world.
It is very difficult to draw a perfect straight line on paper without ruler. It is almost impossible to do that, no matter how careful and precise you draw, the manual hand drawn straight line will become a bit curvy and jaggy without ruler. But with this unique stuff you can do it now.
Hate doing multiple trial and error searches in Tiger Airways official website just to find which day the Tiger Airways cheap ticket is still available? Now you can shrink all these multiple searches in one single search. With this tool, you can search up to 15 days Tiger Airways ticket price in one shot.
Besides this natural female attractor, rhythmic creaking sound of the crickets can also be used to estimate the outdoor temperature. The more often you hear the creaking sound of a cricket, the hotter the ambient temperature at that time.
There are actually lots of chemical products which promise you that they will effectively polish the brass surface and make it looks new and shiny again. However to get these products, you should still spend some money buying them and you may not be fully satisfied by the result. Actually there is a natural way to clean and polish your brass furniture with a fruit.
Even if you open all windows and doors around the room, it will take a long time to get these smoke and odor out of the room. Here are some tips which you can try yourself to eliminate the smoke and odor of cigarette in a room easily.
With this trick, you don't even need to waste your energy scrubbing all the stains and you dont need to buy any expensive cleaning chemical either. You can do this effortlessly because this natural cleaning agent is the enemy of stains, it will dissolve into the stains, fight them and loosen them from sticking ceramic wall.
There are lots of people out there with creative mind can use duct tape for any purposes you have never imagined. So what do they use it for? Here are some of the creative ideas using duct tape.
Leaving someone in a burnt position is not always a bad idea, some people may even consider this as a good medication.
These rats are caught from the cornfield. They are fried, salted or dried for consumption. You can get these weird foods from roadsides or markets in Malawi. See the PICs
This knife can be easily stored in a bag when we board on a plane without being detected by metal detector and only diamonds can defeat its hardness.
Eiffel Tower (French: Tour Eiffel) is a steel tower built on Champ de Mars near Seine River in Paris. This tower has become a global icon and landmark of France and one of the world famous structure.
When most people think of expensive spirits, they most likely think of Cognac or Scotch. While both have their share of high-priced offerings, my favorite spirit "rum" is not without representation on the top shelf when it comes to high prices. Here are five of the rums that currently require the biggest hit in one’s pocket book.
In this sand hotel, you can have your own couple bed complete with a soft white blanket. There are also windows and sofa (also made of sand) in your room.
Why do mosquitoes like to encircle our body and clothes? To find out the answer, an expert in chemical ecology, Walter Lear investigated whether humans produce such a smell that invites mosquitoes.
One day, he and his friend are riding bicycles in a forest and one of the tires suddenly deflated. It forced them to stop and after looking around the tire they found out that the tire valve is broken and need to be replaced. But where to find this valve? There is nobody there, only trees and bushes.
These kerosene and salt have been used traditionally in Asian for centuries as a curing potion and emergency medicine to cure the poison of small insects, centipedes, bees, scorpions when we are bitten by those poisonous animals. How to use it ?
This extraordinary VAT (Value Added Tax) is another special tax used to force people get rid of non healthy products and lifestyles. Governments in the world used to set up a high tax to cigarette and casino, and soon will be your favorite fast food: pizza and soda.
In the future, it will be possible for human to make a phone call simply by pressing his palm or arm.
Confused with sky-high electricity bill? Wasting money buying stuffs that promise to reduce the electric consumption but find no effect at all? Find no way to save money on electricity bill? What if i tell you there is a way to reduce this electricity bill with a simple Electric-Law, this way you can save a lot of money.
With this tool, you can search up to 15 days ticket price in one shot. Just select a starting departure date, origin and destination, then the bot will search tickets for that route for the next 15 days since the selected starting date and display them all in one page. If you are lucky, you may even find airfare marked as 0.00 which means you can fly "FOR FREE".
What if i tell you there are lot of weird sharks around the world. These are the top 10 weirdest ones.
With this service, we can perform facebook activities more quickly because this lite version of facebook is designed without the heavy components as found in the original version.
Zipper usually opens when pulled in one direction and will be zipped again when pulled in the opposite direction. Have you ever experienced the time when your zipper, either in a bag, purse or even on your clothes won't zip even if pulled in two opposite directions?
There are a lot of tricks available out there telling you how to save fuel/gas by using fuel additive or embedding additional devices to your car / motor. Some say it's effective and other say it's just a gimmick and no significant fuel saving perceived.
I've tried all the tricks to fix my blackberry trackball but the one works for me is the first trick using a straw!! Yess, a STRAW !!
Nowadays, there are a lot of devices utilizing infrared as a medium of communication between devices. If you wonder how to see the infrared and fix it when problem occurs, check this out..
Flies can be found around kitchens, traditional markets and garbage boxes. Due to its nature which "enjoy" to be around these stinky areas, flies are considered as nasty insects which people usually get rid of.
Jakarta Composite Index, JCI - IHSG, Chart; Logam Mulia Gold Price Chart; Bank Indonesia US Dollar Exchange Rate Chart; Bullionvault Monthly Gold Chart in US Dollar Chart; Goldprice 1-Day Gold Chart in Gram & Indonesian Rupiah; International Commodities Prices **LIVE** and etc.
This device is basically the big brother of Apple iPod crossed with a regular laptop and equipped with features from the smartphone but without the phone.
Now the revolution has come, there is no need to go to libraries anymore and there is no need to collect a bunch & heavy collection of books, magazines, papers & comics. Soon they will be history.
It will be cool to ride this transparent canoe, you can see all the underwater scenery right on your canoe.
Most of the air conditioner compressor is located near the engine because the compressor is run by utilizing engine rotation via a pulley. Unfortunately, this location will make the heat from the engine spread to the Air Conditioner pipe nearby.