Using Leech to Fix Deflated Tire Valve on Bicycles (Emergency Solution)

There is a unique experience which a friend shares with me. I have never known this trick anywhere before, till he shares this unique emergency solution. One day, he and his friend were riding bicycles in a forest and one of the tires suddenly deflated. It forced them to stop and after looking around the tire they found out that the tire valve was broken and needed to be replaced. But where to find this tire valve? There was nobody there, only trees and bushes.

fix bicycle tire valve

Then he suddenly noticed that his friend walked into the bushes, shook his leg with his foot in the bushes to make some noises. My friend was confused and did not understand what he was doing. He told my friend "Just take it easy"..

After a while, he came back with one of his feets had some leeches attached to. Then he selected a leech as large as the tire valve and replaced the tire valve with it. He took his tire pump and pump the deflated tire through this "leech valve" until it was fully inflated.

leech to replace broken tire valve

What a creative idea..! He found out that leeches can be used temporarily to replace air valves in an emergency situation like this. His friend told him that this organic valve will last for 2 days before automatically degradated by nature. Due to their nature, leeches are good sucker and this ability creates air-tight-seal suitable to replace tire valve.

air tight seal tire valve

Quoting from wikipedia "Leeches are annelids comprising the subclass Hirudinea. There are freshwater, terrestrial, and marine leeches." Leeches have no eyes and they approach their victims by sound and movement. That is the reason why his friend shook his legs to make some noises and attracted the leeches to approach his legs.

Happy to share with you, hope you find this trick useful in an emergency situation when you have to fix a deflated tire valve. Good luck...

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