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Feeling hot in a summer or work in a place where you cant bear the outdoor heat? Now you can get a mini air conditioner cooling fan to stay cool anywhere. Well built in a handy and mobile form factor makes this Handy Cooler a portable and stylish gadget to be taken everywhere with you.

The well known polaroid instant camera has metamorphosed to a new and trendy modern digital camera which you can use to take pictures and get them printed on a photo paper instantly. The ZINK (Zero Ink Printing Technology) photo paper uses no ink at all, so you can take this Polaroid Instant Digital Camera everywhere without hassles of ink cartridges and ribbons. A unique and worth-to-have gadget for any occasions.

This combination of binocular and digital camera enables user to take spionage pictures from a distant without being caught by the victims. Especially useful for housewives who want to monitor their husbands from affairs with other women. :D Despite its negative usages, this unique gadget is not something to be afraid of but something to be aware of.

Whether you are living outdoor or in a forest where you cant find toothpaste, or you hate the chemical fluoride content in toothpaste, now you can brush your teeth without toothpaste. Thanks to the technology in Soladey Ionic Toothbrushes which were invented and already patented by Japanese scientist which allows using light (not necessarily sunlight) to produce burst of ions which break down the molecular bonds that attach plaque to teeth. These ions also allow stains to be removed from the tooth surface much more effectively and rapidly than ordinary fluoride toothpaste. A recommended product for you who esteem healthy lifestyle.

Wanna split your electricity bill with your roommates based on individual usage? Wanna find out which appliances cost you most? Explore all the possibilities with this unique P3 International P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor. The large LCD display will calculate and show you cumulative electrical expenses for household appliances plugged through this device and forecast by day, week, month and even a year. It can also monitor the Voltage (V), Line Frequency (Hz) and Power Factor (VA) for you. With the built-in battery backup and 99.8% accuracy, this watt usage meter is the ultimate power usage monitor you need.

This sport actions camera is not only for sportsmen and F1 crews to monitor their driver, but now it has been sold for public too. You can use this camera for documenting high definition videos of your thrilling sport action, a precious and exciting moment which you can proudly show to your friends.

This is the ultimate cleaner for jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools. Its powerful 42,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency wave which is generated by an ultrasonic plate provides an efficient cleaning solution to remove stubborn dirt and debris from your jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools without adding any chemical detergents. Ideal for people who regularly wear jewelries and want to keep them always like new.