Switching Back and Forth the New Yahoo Mail to Yahoo Mail Classic

I have been using yahoo mail for quite a long time and have been used to their old classic format. In 2011, yahoo decides to upgrade all their yahoo mail account to the new neo format. First they asked politely by giving a button or link to switch back and forth between the yahoo mail classic and neo formats. Then they put a bugging landing page every time you login to your yahoo mail, asking you to upgrade to the new neo format before a deadline, but still give you a tiny link to access your classic yahoo mail. And finally when the time is out, the tiny link to access yahoo mail classic totally disappears from the landing page, the only available option left is "upgrade". :( For users who need to check their inbox, have no other options but to click the "upgrade" button to access their inbox.

I am not against the new neo yahoo mail format. But I like the classic format for its simplicity and speed. The yahoo mail classic format does not need JavaScript either like the new neo format. JavaScript is known to be causing some problems in some of my internet browsers. I can use the new neo format without any problems on my office computer but not with my personal computer at home. When i use yahoo mail on my personal computer at home, i can not click on any folders to display its content (such as inbox, draft, sent, spam and my own created folders). The internet browser i use both on my office and home is the same (firefox) and i finally figure out that it could be a problem with the JavaScript add-on.

Since then i always try to find a way to switch back to my yahoo mail classic. And now i have already had 3 ways to do this! I am gonna post them here to share them with you who also love the yahoo mail classic.

  1. The simplest way (which i personally invented)
    I name this the "Transformers Way" hehe LOL :) This is the best and simplest way, only on a click of a mouse you can switch back and forth between new yahoo mail and yahoo mail classic. How does it work? Just login to your new neo yahoo mail as usual until you reach your inbox. Then click one of the following links or copy paste them to your browser's address box. You may want to bookmark the links for ease of use next time.

  2. The simpler way
    Because yahoo mail neo needs javascript to run, disabling your browser's javascript will turn on the no-javascript detection. If yahoo mail detects no javascript in your internet browser, they will kindly give you the option to switch back to your yahoo mail classic. But you should always remember to turn your javascript back on after switching back to yahoo mail classic or you will risk getting problems accessing other websites which also need the javascript.
    • To enable or disable javascript in Firefox:
      Click menu Tools > Options, in the Options dialog box click the Content tab, there you will find a checkbox "Enable JavaScript". Check the box to enable javascript and uncheck to disable javascript. Restart browser.
    • To enable or disable javascript in Internet Explorer:
      Click menu Tools > Internet Options, go to Security tab, click "Custom Level" button then scroll to the Scripting section and click to enable or disable it. Restart browser.
    • To enable or disable javascript in Opera:
      Checkout this link for various Opera versions http://adf.ly/9JzxQ
    • To enable or disable javascript in Chrome:
      Checkout this link http://adf.ly/9K1UX

  3. The simple way (but quite risky)
    Decrease your screen resolution as low as possible until yahoo mail cannot support it. This will make it thinks that this user is using a very old fashioned computer with a low display resolution. Then it will give you an option to switch back to yahoo mail classic. But beware of the side effect: switching to a very low screen resolution may cause an unpredictable impact to your screen visibility. Some icons, buttons or links will not display properly or become invisible at all. You may encounter problems to control your computer with this low display resolution.

That's all folks! Hope you find this article useful.

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