Smart Tips Saving Your Gas

There are a lot of tricks available out there telling you how to save fuel/gas by using fuel additive or embedding additional devices to your car / motor. Some say it's effective and other say it's just a gimmick and no significant fuel saving perceived. But everyone agrees that driving attitude plays the most important role on this fuel saving program. Let's start the fuel saving idea from ourselves, check out these tips:
  1. Fill your gas in the morning / night. Gasoline is more dense in cool temperature. The counter in gas station calculates volume only, not the density of the gas. You'll get more gas in cool temperature for the same price.

  2. When starting to move, accelerates slowly, press maximum depth only.

  3. Maintain low RPM by shifting to higher gear ratio.

  4. Take advantage of the speed of vehicle & accelerate wisely.

  5. Maintain steady speed . Use cruise control if available (matic only).

  6. 45-55 mph is the most economical speed on highway. Less/more than this will reduce the efficiency of distance you travel.

  7. Heat engine as needed, 30-45 seconds are already more than enough.

  8. Dont fill to spill, ensure the gas cap is tightened well.

  9. Use air conditioner as needed only. Turn it off a few minutes before arriving at destination.

  10. In a traffic jam, save the gas by turning off engine if you suspect the traffic jam will be more than 2 minutes.

  11. Close the windows when driving & save 10% gas , Opened windows will increase the wind resistance.

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