How to Repel Flies Effectively & Economically


Flies are member of insects family besides mosquitoes, cockroaches and friends. Flies are usually found in area with organic items such as vegetables, meats, fishes and garbages. Flies can be found around kitchens, traditional markets and garbage boxes. Due to its nature which "enjoy" to be around these stinky areas, flies are considered as nasty insects which people usually get rid of.

Though there are a lot of high tech methods using electronic devices and insecticides, but hey!! are there any conventional, economical and enviroment-friendly ways methods which can effectively repel these flies without having to chase them with rackets ?

Chasing Flies With Racket

Sure, there are!! You are just at the right place, the unique stuff tips & tricks, arent you ? (^_^)v Hehe... Now let's get to the point, checkout the tips and tricks below to help you get rid of these flies:

  • Transparent Poly Bag Filled With Water
    Try this at home, find a poly bag, ensure that the poly bag is transparent and waterproof. Filled in enough water and tie the poly bag with a rubber band. Then hang this water-filled poly bag surrounding the place where you want to get rid of flies, it could be anywhere from kitchen, dining room, restaurant to windows. Now, dont you wonder how it works? There is a good explanation: Flies have 2 eyes on each side of its head, but actually each of these eyes consists of hundred small eyes facing every angles and directions, these eyes are named facet eye. The water in transparent poly bag will shape the poly bag rounded and refract lights in every direction thus make it shiny enough to glare the facet eyes in every angle. This effect will keep flies away from the polybag thus make the place surrounded by these poly bags free of flies, NO-FLY-ZONE.
    Polybag Filled With Water

  • Burning Candle
    It is a simple method, just burn a candle on a table or kitchen where you want to get rid of flies. The area covered with this burning candle will get hot enough to keep flies away. Though this method is simple but it may not be quite effective for wide areas or areas with high wind speeds. The explanation for this effect is heat. Though flies like warm places, but they hate hot places.
    Burning Candle
Now you wont be bothered again with flies. (^_^)v Good Luck !

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