Reduce Electricity Bill With Earth Grounding (DIY) and Save Money

Confused with sky-high electricity bill? Wasting money buying stuffs that promise to reduce the electric consumption but find no effect at all? Find no way to save money on electricity bill? Lot of us might have the same problem. What if i tell you there is a way to reduce this electricity bill with a simple Electric-Law, this way you can save a lot of money. Some may say it is stealing electricity, but i refuse to say that. I prefer to say "Electricity Optimization". How can someone says it is stealing electricity if what we are gonna do is "after" the electric meter without altering the electric meter itself ?

Now let's get to the point, if you have ever seen lightning and known the words "earth grounding" in electricity, you are already a step closer to understand this trick. Let me explain again.. Electric cables consist of 3 cables which are for positive, negative and grounding (earth grounding). Electric current flows from positive cable to negative cable, this flowing current makes the light and other electronic devices turned on and the electric meter will start counting the current flowing between this two positive and negative cables to bill you for the next month. It is measured as KWH (kiloWatt x Hour).

Okay, next explanation is about lightning: Lightning can strike from sky to sky, from sky to ground and from ground to sky. Lightning strikes because there are different electric poles between sky and earth. As all of us know, earth is a universal grounding or neutralizer, it can act as negative when exposed to positive current and become positive when exposed to negative current. There are positive lightning and negative lightning. When the lightning is positive, the earth becomes negative. And vice versa, when the lightning is negative, the earth becomes positive.

So.. what's the deal? Well if earth can act as negative or positive, why dont we SEND THE ELECTRIC CURRENT FROM POSITIVE CABLE TO EARTH GROUNDING ? When they are connected, the earth will act as negative. It's a simple Electric-Law and sure it will light up your house too..! The flowing current from positive cable to earth grounding will not be counted by the electric meter because it doesnt pass the negative cable..! This way you can reduce the electricity bill and save your money..

Implementation: make proper grounding ! If you demand higher electric current, you should make more, deeper and bigger earth grounding. Buy a bigger copper rod, drill a deeper hole (until you find ground water, deeper is better) and slip in this copper rod to the hole. Make 2-3 more holes and slip in more copper rods. Combine all these copper rods with a cable in paralel and connect it with the existing grounding cable in your household. You can also try metal pipe as a substitution to copper rod, but i prefer copper because it is better in electric conductivity.

Next, replace your negative cable with the grounding cable. When you plug in any electric devices, the current will flow from the positive cable to the grounding cable, skipping the negative cable. This way, your electric meter wont count the flowing current and you can reduce the electricity bill by the end of the month.

NOTE: DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK..! I SHOULD NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSSES OCCURED. I strongly recommend you to try this trick with a little experiment first using a low wattage lamp, if it works fine you can try a higher wattage device. Some adjustment may be needed to suit the electrical system in your house. You may also try to install a switch between grounding cable and negative cable thus you have options when you want to use the free electrity, switch it to grounding cable and when you need a higher electric current switch it back to negative cable. If you experience unstable electric current (such as flickering lamp) install a stabilizer.

Good luck folks, hopefully by doing this trick, you can save money on electricity bill.

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