Most Expensive Rums in The World


When most people think of expensive spirits, they most likely think of Cognac or Scotch. While both have their share of high-priced offerings, my favorite spirit "rum" is not without representation on the top shelf when it comes to high prices. Here are five of the rums that currently require the biggest hit in oneís pocket book.

Bacardi Rum 8 Year Old Millennium Edition
A special edition of Bacardi 8 rum to celebrate the turn of the millennium, this special blend comes in a Baccarat decanter with a certificate of authenticity signed by then President of Bacardi Limited, Ruben Rodriguez. While occasionally venturing above $1000 for a bottle, you can find it for as little as $700 if you look hard enough.

Bacardi Rum

Rhum Clement 1952
Martinique is world-renowned for itís Rhum Agricoles rums made using the freshly pressed juice of sugar cane as opposed to molasses. Rhum Clement 1952 is one of the most sought-after vintages of this category of rum. A 700mL bottle sells for a little over 800 Euros, or almost $1200.

Rhum Clement

Havana Club Maximo Extra A√Īejo Rum
The company representing Cuban rum today introduced their newest "ultra-premium" aged rum in 2006. Maximo is a blend of several different marques of different ages and sold in hand-blown crystal decanters. Only 1000 bottles were produced, and the current price runs at just over $1700.

Havana Club Maximo

British Royal Navy Imperial Rum
For hundreds of years the British Navy was run on rum. From the highest ranking officers to the lowliest cabin boys, rum kept the navy sailing. During that time the British Navy perfected and jealously guarded the recipe for its rum all the way until 1970, when the Navy ended itís long tradition of rum rations for its servicemen at six bells. The remaining stocks of rum are available for sale, but only for those willing to part with $3000 for the privilege.

British Royal Navy Imperial Rum

Wray & Nephew 17 Year Old
It has been mentioned here before, and the true Holy Grail of rum continues to top the list of expensive and nearly impossible to find treasures in the category. This Jamaican rum was the original rum called for by Trader Vic for his famous Mai Tai. The drink proved so popular that Vic and his customers essentially drank Wray & Nephew out of stock. There are still some bottles floating around today, usually locked away in private collections only to see the light of day at auction. $55000 is roughly the price of admission to own the rum that helped define an entire category of cocktails.

Wray & Nephew

About the author: Matt Robold is a rum connoisseur and insufferable snob who enjoys subjecting the world to his views at rumdood. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Cocktails & Spirits Online Writers Group, a collection of writers dedicated to helping the world drink better. Matt lives in Southern California with his collection of rums and an abusive mint plant.

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