Millions Creative Ideas Using Duct Tape

Everybody knows duct tape, it is a strong and durable tape. It is also weatherproof and waterproof. These material properties make it a useful yet handy tool. But instead of the ordinary usages, Duct Tape has a Million Uses too. There are lots of people out there with creative mind can use duct tape for any purposes you have never imagined. So what do they use it for? Here are some of the creative ideas using duct tape:

  1. Fix broken fan belt and hose
    When you are driving and suddenly your engine fan belt breaks apart, you can use duct tape to temporarily join it back. Just take off your old belt and use your duct tape to rejoin it again. You can also roll your duct tape over the broken part of your hose and temporarily use it in emergency.
  2. Stick the flies
    You can use duct tape as a replacement to fly paper. Just take a strip of your duct tape and stick it to the wall. No need for tacs or the expensive flypaper. When it's filled with flies, you can unstick and throw it away.
  3. Clothes hanger line
    When you are camping outdoor and your clothes get wet, you can always use a duct tape to make clothes line out of two nearby trees. Wrap duct tape around the first tree and while you are walking to the second nearby tree, twist the duct tape to form a rope. When you have reached the second tree, just wrap the tape around that tree.
  4. Replace double tape
    This is easy, if you can't find any double tape, just roll the duct tape in circle so that the sticky side is facing outward. Then stick this duct tape at the bottom of a small box or container. This way they will no longer roll around.
  5. Make you slim
    When you are going to a prom and find out that your favorite dress doesn't fit your body anymore, just duct tape the area from your chest to your bum. Your dress will fit your duct-taped body perfectly.
  6. Crafts
    You can use colored duct tape to make lots of crafts from wallets, roses, bracelets to bags and guitar strap. They also have a nick name "Ductigami: The Art of Tape". Just google around and you will find lots of articles showing you how to do it yourself (DIY).

  7. Remove zits from nose
    No need to buy expensive zit removal strips, just plaster a strip of duct tape over your nose, press it down and leave it for about 5 minutes. Then yank off and you will also yank those pimples and blackheads out.

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