Magic Bookmarklet: Reveal Password, Edit Page Lively, Premium Downloader and More

Modern Internet Browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and etc) are already fast and furious (LOL..) but they are lack of some useful (and forbidden) features. Some of these features may be illegal and malicious, and that could be the reason why the internet browser developers are doubtful to implement these features in their latest browsers. So what's the big deal? What illegal features are we talking about? Ssst.. not all of them are illegal though, but some of them may surprise you on how easy to perform an illegal action on your internet browsers. This includes:

  • Reveal Password Asterisk (***)
  • Edit Page Lively
  • Premium Account Downloader
  • Download Youtube Video

So how is it possible? The secret is on bookmarklets. All the magic things we are talking about can be run by clicking a bookmarklet on your browser bookmark toolbar, executed from the address bar or by accessing a saved bookmark on the menu. It is made possible by the javascript code saved in the bookmarklet. Instead of storing an URL, the bookmarklet can also store a line of javascript code which can do magic things on your browser. When you click a bookmarklet on the bookmark toolbar or from the bookmark menu, the codes are executed. When you copy and paste the codes in your address bar then click enter, the codes are also executed. Easy, isn't it?

Now let's check out all the possible things, magic bookmarklets can perform. I will tell you how to insert and save a bookmarklet on your internet browser after this list. And the example of what each bookmarklet does, can also be found afterward. This list will grow by time when I find any new bookmarklets and update it.

Reveal Password Asterisk (***) - Details...
Reveal Password
Edit Page Lively - Details...
Edit Page
Premium Account Downloader - Details...
Premium Downloader
Download Youtube Video - Details...
Download Youtube

How to Install/Add a Bookmarklet to Your Internet Browser
There are many ways to run/execute the bookmarklets. One of the ways is to copy and paste the Javascript codes directly on your address bar (after the target page loaded successfully) then press enter. The other 2 ways is simply clicking on a bookmarklet from bookmark toolbar or bookmark menu. Before you can click on the bookmarklet, you must add it to your bookmark toolbar or bookmark menu first. Here is how to do it:

  • Drag and Drop
    This is the simplest way. First make sure your 'bookmark toolbar' is visible on your browser because we will gonna drag a bookmarklet there. If you cannot find the 'bookmark toolbar' simply right click any visible toolbars on your browser and checklist 'Bookmarks Toolbar' (in Firefox) or 'Links' (in Internet Explorer) or Opera -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Bar (in Opera). If it is already visible, look at the right side of the bookmarklet you want to add on the table above, there is a button like icon. Point your mouse to this bookmarklet icon, left-click once, hold and drag your mouse to the bookmark toolbar. Do not release the left-click until the bookmarklet icon reaches your bookmark toolbar. When everything is done properly, you will see a new bookmarklet button shows up on your bookmark toolbar.
  • Add to Bookmark Menu
    To add a bookmarklet to your bookmark menu, simply add a bookmark as you usually do (pressing key combination CTRL+D or click Bookmarks menu -> Bookmark This Page), when a dialog box shows up, copy and paste the Javascript code to the Location/URL/Target field replacing the default link.

Various Bookmarklets Detail and Usage Example

Reveal Password Asterisk (***)
This bookmarklet is very useful to retrieve forgotten passwords from any websites you have logged in before, including your router password (which uses web configuration control panel) and any web applications with password field. This magic bookmarklet can also be misused to perform illegal action to unmask other users' hidden password (stealing password). But it is only possible when the password is set as saved (such as: 'Remember Me', 'Save Password', 'Keep me logged in', 'Keep me signed in' etc) and shown as asterisks in the password field. To unmask the password, use this bookmarklet. As an example, let's try this out: type anything in the following password field which is masked with asterisk (***) and click the "Reveal Password" bookmarklet on your bookmark toolbar. It will reveal the mask and show your password.


Now you know everyone can use this bookmarklet to retrieve your hidden password. As a safety precaution, it is always recommended not to save your web login password unless you are sure the computer you are using is unaccessible by others.

Edit Page Lively
Imagine you have a bank account statement displayed on your browsers, but the number there only tells that you are a poor guy with less than $500 in your account and there is nothing you can do to impress your friend especially a girl you want to date with. It is quite a funny story and it makes me smile when I type and re-read it again.. LOL.. Don't know how I can make up such a story, but I think it is a common story happened every day, don't you think so? :) Okay, let's get back to the point: how if I tell you that you can actually modify and edit the number and anything on it directly from your browser, you don't even need a HTML/web programming skill to do it. Then you can 'Print Screen' and show it off. So next time when you see an Affiliate Marketer shows off his big $$$ earning on his blog, don't be too surprise, there is a chance it is also a fake one. I am not telling you that everyone is like this, but there is "a chance". You can also modify a headline on a news web page with something funny and send it to your friends. Then sit back and watch their reaction. :) The possibility is limitless and the only tool is this magic bookmarklet.

Premium Account Downloader
If you frequently use Rapidshare, Mediafire, Hotfile, Ziddu, Depositfile,, FileFactory, FileSonic, LetItBit, JumboFiles, RyuShare, Easy-Share and other popular file sharing websites, you may want a Premium Account to boost the download speed and remove any limitations. This bookmarklet will add a cookie on your browser, which is a duplicate cookie of the premium account. This cookie will make the file sharing websites think that you are a premium account user who has legally logged in their system, thus allow you to download on full speed. This premium account cookie is shared by other users and available to others, thanks to this bookmarklet by For more details on how to use it, go to:

Download Youtube Video
Credit should be given to for this bookmarklet. It helps us download a youtube video so you can watch it offline later from your computer. Youtube does not have this feature yet and the only way to download the video is by using this bookmarklet. Just visit your favorite youtube video page as usual, then click on this bookmarklet on your bookmark toolbar. You will be directed to a new page where you can select various video qualities and download formats from .3gp .flv to .mp4.

That's all folks! If there are any new magic bookmarklets, I will update the list. And if you know any other bookmarklets and think that it should be listed here, I am glad to hear from you. Adios..!

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