Improve Car Air Conditioner Performance Without Additional Freon

I assure you, anyone who get in my car will shiver. hehehe. Most of the air conditioner compressor is located near the engine because the compressor is run by utilizing engine rotation via a pulley. Unfortunately, this location will make the heat from the engine spread to the Air Conditioner pipe nearby. AC (Air Conditioner) pipe will absorb the heat, get condensed & increase the temperature of cold liquid Freon R134A flowing in this pipe thus make the AC condenser should work even harder to reduce this additional heat. The air conditioner performance will decrease and therefore will also decrease gas mileage.

Foam Pipe   Aluminium Tape   Wrapped Foam Pipe

So what is the solution? Find foam pipe wrap available in hardware stores, then wrap your car's air conditioner pipes with this foam pipe, then tie them with wires, cable ties or aluminium foil tape which can also be purchased in the exact store. If you find no foam pipe ,you can also try AutoSeal or 2-way foam tape, then wrap this material around with aluminium tape. Carefully wrap this area to ensure no parts of this tape touch the engine or heat source which will make it melt or burned out.


The primary area to wrap is the metal (or aluminium) pipe for it is a good heat conductor thus will absorb more heat then the non metal area. If you still have enough material supply, you can also try to wrap other non metal pipe to have a complete and perfect wrap for the whole air conditioner system.

This trick will make your air conditioner colder and increase gas mileage, thus make it environemnt friendly. Happy driving..!

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