Human Skin Become Touch Screen For Dialing Phone Numbers

In the future, it will be possible for human to make a phone call simply by pressing his palm or arm. It is made possible by a technology named Skinput.

This Skinput (Skin Input) technology developed by Microsoft with Carnegie Mellon University in United States, will allow human skin to become media of input or touchscreen to navigate the gadget.

Skinput device is tied up on the user's arm, able to detect the sound levels which occur when the skin is pressed, thus will be able to distinguish the commands given. A small projector screen will display screen on the user's palm.

This Skinput prototype uses wireless technology to transfer command to a specific device, such as mobile phones, iPod to computer.

Today, as quoted from DailyMail, Wednesday (3/3/2010), Skinput can be used to detect five different locations with an accuracy of input up to 95.5 percent.

However, this technology is still in its early development. A total of 20 new volunteers have tried this Skinput technology, all of them are satisfied with the ease of navigation of Skinput. Skinput will become a quite promising technology in the future.

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