How to Polish Brass Furniture With Mangosteen Fruit

There are some classic and modern furnitures made of brass, when they are new they will look shiny but after a long time the brass surface may eventually become dull. There are actually lots of chemical products which promise you that they will effectively polish the brass surface and make it looks new and shiny again. However to get these products, you should still spend some money buying them and you may not be fully satisfied by the result.

Brass Furniture

Actually there is a natural way to clean and polish your brass furniture with a fruit. You can do this with mangosteen, a fruit which is believed to have originated in Sunda Islands and Moluccas of Indonesia.

Mangosteen Fruits

The fragrant edible flesh of mangosteen is sweet and tangy, citrusy with peach flavor and texture while the inner side of its rind (exocarp) comprises various polyphenolic acids which discourages infestations by insects, fungi, plant viruses and bacteria.

Say No to Chemicals Brass Polish Products

To clean and polish your brass furniture, simply slice the mangosteen and remove the flesh then clean its exocarp. Use the inner side of this exocarp to polish any brass surface thoroughly. Wait 1-2 minutes then wipe the brass surface with a clean dry cloth. That is all, you can see the brass surface becomes new, clean and shiny again. The chemical compounds in the inner side of mangosteen exocarp are almost the same as the chemical brass-polisher products sold at store. You can save both your money and earth by doing this simple tip. Good luck..

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