How to Make WhatsApp for Blackberry Works on WiFi without BIS Data Plan

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application besides Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, and Google Talk, thanks to its open platform which supports various mobile phones from Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone and even Android Phones. You also don't need to register an account, PIN or email with WhatsApp, because all you need is your valid phone number as an ID in WhatsApp. You can download it here:

WhatsApp Instant Messenger for Multi Platform

I am using WhatsApp for Blackberry, but it needs a full BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) data plan to work and will NOT work on WiFi connection. I have been struggling to make WhatsApp works with WiFi solely, so that i can unsubscribe my full BIS and enjoy free messaging with WhatsApp. If you have been looking for free Blackberry WhatsApp via WiFi connection, you have come to the right place where i will share my trick. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and Install WiFiX
    WiFiX from Aerize is an application which will probe all your Blackberry net.rim.tcp requests and divert some of them to WiFi connection. If you are looking for WiFiX in Blackberry AppWorld, you will not find it, and i believe i know the reason: allowing users to download and use WiFiX will kill the operators' income from Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). You can get WiFiX here: Download WiFiX OTA & Offline Package.
  2. Set the Correct Host Name Rules in WiFiX
    You may be wondering which net.rim.tcp requests are diverted to WiFi? You can set your own rules in WiFiX, this means you are the one who have full control on which requests to be diverted to WiFi. There are already some default rules pre-installed in WiFiX for Google Maps, Google Mobile App, Blackberry Maps, Yahoo! Go and Weather Eye, but there is no rule for WhatsApp. So you will be unable to use WhatsApp via Wifi without the correct rule in default WiFiX. That is why you need to set this. Just go to Blackberry > Options > Aerize WiFiX.
    Accessing WiFiX    Enabling WiFiX

    Then in WiFiX, set "Enforce" to "Enabled" and click "New" button to add a new rule. A new window will popup. Set the "Name:" to "WhatsApp" or any name you like, then click "Add Host" button and add all of these URLs one by one (without http:// prefix):
    Hostname #1:
    Hostname #2:
    Hostname #3:
    Hostname #4:
    Hostname #5:
    Hostname #6:
    Hostname #7:
    Hostname #8:
    Hostname #9:
    Hostname #10:
    Hostname #11:
    Hostname #12:
    Hostname #13:
    Hostname #14:
    Hostname #15:
    Hostname #16:
    Hostname #17:
    Hostname #18:
    Hostname #19:
    Hostname #20:

    Add New Rule to WiFiX    Saving New Rule in WiFiX

    After that, scroll to the bottom of the popup windows and click OK. You will return to WiFiX main window. Close it and return to home screen.
    Whatsapp Rule in WiFiX

    If you want an easier way, just download this pre-made wifix configuration file: and save it in your blackberry memory card. Then on the main interface of Aerize WiFiX, click BB button (left of trackpad) > select Import Entries, then select the downloaded "whatsapp.wifix" file from your SDcard. It will automatically create a new entry for Whatsapp in your WiFiX configuration window.
  3. Exit WhatsApp, Pull Battery and Restart Phone
    The last but not the least, you need to exit your current WhatsApp session, turn off your blackberry, pull the battery and restart so it can do a reset. A regular restart will not work, only a reset will. Make sure you pull the battery and restart to reset your blackberry phone.

After you have carefully finished all the steps above, try to start your WhatsApp application and it will start initializing:
Then Hocusss Pocusss..the chat window shows up and this time it runs without BIS connection anymore.

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Is it possible to make whatsapp works on regular GPRS/EDGE data plan?

WiFi connectivity is limited to some hotspot areas and you may not get a good WiFi signal in some places, that is why you may be wondering how to make whatsapp works on your regular GPRS/EDGE data plan so that you can always be connected to whatsapp beyond the WiFi range. The good news is you can. Normally WiFiX will automatically divert the connectivity to regular GPRS data plan if it finds no wifi, but to force it solely uses regular data plan only, you need to follow the steps above and edit a part of the entry.

After you have done all the steps described above, go to Blackberry > Options > Aerize WiFiX. Point the cursor to WhatsApp then press BB (button on left of your trackpad) and select Edit Entry. Go to the last line of the entry where you can see "Request format:" as follows
then change it to
http://<HOST><PORT><URI>;deviceside=true;ConnectionSetup=delayed;ConnectionUID=WAP2 trans
Finally click OK button to save the entry.

Good luck, hope this trick will help you all who needs to get your Blackberry WhatsApp works without BIS data plan.

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