How to Identify a Tyre Production Date

The main composition of a tyre is rubber. Rubber may tend to harden and crack after a period of time. This, of course, will also cause the tyre to lose its elasticity, reduce the comfort and may endanger your trip. Though there is no expiry date as we usually find in a food product, but choosing the right tyre will save your money and extend your tyre life time.

Some tyre dealers may sell a same tyre cheaper than others, but you should check whether the tyre you buy is not manufactured too long ago. This type of tyre is usually returned to the factory, but the refund may not be full, that is why some dealers may keep selling these expired tyres cheaper instead of returning them to the factory.

Though there is a production date marked on the side of a tyre surface, but no dealers will tell you how to read it, and you may already know why.

A tyre production date consists of 4 numbers with or without some letter prefixes. These numbers and letters are usually surrounded by a closed rectangle or ellipse. Check out the following image:

Tyre Production Date

This is the photo taken from the side of my front tyre. My new car was bought at the end of 2012. As you can see, the numbers and letters *EMAR3812* are surrounded by an ellipse. If you pay closer attention on the details, you can easily differ these codes from other letters/numbers marking around. These codes are not part of the tyre mold, the letters and numbers marking are custom made and the finishing is not as good as the other details.

To read the production date, please observe the marking *EMAR3812*. Remove the letter prefix and you get 3812. The 38 means week 38th and 12 means 2012. The tyre was manufactured on week 38th, 2012. If converted to month, week 38th is on September.

Summary: This tyre is considered as new, as the car was bought at the end of 2012. That's all folks, hope it helps you choose the perfect tyre for your ride.

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