How to get dandruff off your hair

Troubled with getting dandruff off your hair?
Have tried many anti-dandruff shampoos, but nothing seems to work?

You are not alone. Many people wonder how to get dandruff off too.

The degree of dandruff problem is different on everyone. Some people may have never had dandruff throughout their lives, some may have a bit but controllable volume of dandruff. When someone asks how to get dandruff off, the easy answer is to use anti-dandruff shampoo. But some people, like you and me, may have a BIG problem with dandruff. I mean, no anti-dandruff shampoo can seem to work at all. Getting dandruff off seems frustrating for us.

Various anti-dandruff shampoos are available on retail stores which offers different active ingredients to fight dandruff, to name a few: Piroctone Olamine (PTO), Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT), Selenium Sulfide, Salycylic Acid, Sulphur, Coal Tar, Ciclopirox and many more. There are also natural home-remedies such as black pepper, egg oil, vinegar, tee tree oil, and even antiseptic mouthwashes. But the effectiveness of such natural products to get dandruff off our hair have not been tested yet.

Investigating the root cause of dandruff, Malassezia (alternate name: Pityrosporum) yeast, which is found naturally on people's skin, is believed to play a major role in dandruff. This fungus lives off of fat composition in skin oil. It produces an acid which inflames the scalp resulting in exccessive flaking of scalp (dandruff). The high risk victims of this fungus are people who live in tropical countries with exccessive perspiration or with overactive oil glands. They will easily get dandruff.

Usually Malassezia fungus can be controlled by regular shampoo with the ingredients mentioned above, but when it grows out of control, causing more severe forms of dandruff, you are recommended to switch to a better antifungal ingredient which is ketoconazole. This ingredient is available as cream or shampoo without a prescription. Please read the instructions for use leaflet. For typical ketoconazole shampoo, the instructions for use are as follow:

  1. Rinse your hair well until no dust or dirt remains. Just use water without soap or other shampoo.
  2. Pour some of the ketoconazole shampoo on your hand. Apply and massage the lather over your scalp. Do not rinse it off immediately, but wait for about 3 to 5 minutes to let the ketoconazole does its work fighting the fungi which causes your dandruff. The first time you use this shampoo, you may feel some burning sensation on skin. It is normal and you will get use to it after a few times of usage, just like your antiseptic mouthwash.
  3. If the shampoo gets into your eyes, rinse it out with water as soon as possible. Ketoconazole has mild side-effects which cause irritation, itching and redness on skin.
  4. Repeat once if necessary. The ketoconazole shampoo is recommended to be used twice a week for at least 4 weeks.

We are not selling any products here, so we will just leave you choose your own ketoconazole shampoo. There are many brands to choose from, you can search it by googling the keyword "ketoconazole shampoo". Most of them offers 2% ketoconazole (the recommended percentage based on the research). Make sure to read the reviews of the product you choose before you decide to buy one. Also read and follow the instructions for use included in the package.

Good luck. Hope you finally get your dandruff off your hair like me..!

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