How to Eliminate Cigarette Smoke and Odor in a Room

SmokingCigarette smoke not only will harm our health with the cancer-causing (carsinogenic) compounds and hundreds of other toxins, but the musty odor can make us feel nausea or dizzy too. The smoke and odor will get even worse when a bunch of heavy smokers gather in a small room, it seems like the room is on fire. Even if you open all windows and doors around the room, it will take a long time to get these smoke and odor out of the room. Here are some tips which you can try yourself to eliminate the smoke and odor of cigarette in a room easily:

  1. To eliminate the cigarette smoke indoors, use a wet towel as a fan by fluttering it in a room full of cigarette smoke.
  2. Try to put a bowl of vinegar at each corners of the room full of smokers.
  3. Place some bowls containing activated carbon in the crowded room to clean the air in the room.
  4. Last option: Ask them to stop smoking or leave the room immediately..!! :-)
List of Toxins in a Cigarette
Toxins in Cigarette Smoke

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