Zipper Repair (Emergency)

Zipper usually opens when pulled in one direction and will be zipped again when pulled in the opposite direction. Have you ever experienced the time when your zipper, either in a bag, purse or even on your clothes won't zip even if pulled in two opposite directions?

Maybe you won't feel embarrassed if it happens to zipper on bag or purse, but just imagine if this happened to zipper on your shirt or pants? Though you've pulled it in either ways, it's still can not zip.. hehehehe Now i will tell you how to have a zipper repaired in emergency, this means without sewing.

Fixing zipper is easy, simply by using a plier and your hand. Let's try it: Zipper consists of two parts: the head and rail. The main problem which makes it wont zip is his head. Because it is often pulled over, the zipper head clipping left and right rails will gradually be somewhat loose. This condition makes it impossible to zip in either directions. Simply by pressing the zipper head with a plier the problem will be solved.

press the wings

It should be noted to press the wings of the zipper head, not the zipper core (the core is the center of a zipper head where handle is usually attached). Do not press too tight or you will break the head, especially a plastic zipper. Be careful!

Hopefully these tips are useful ...

One more thing, in emergency when a plier is not available, you can give your teeth a try, just bites the wings of the head. Not recommended if your teeth is not good or rarely brushed. Take you own risk brother! hehehe.

To be honest, I myself have tried to fix a faulty zipper by "EXPLOITING" my friend's teeth, and it works! Incredible!

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