Blackberry Trackball Not Working - How to Clean Sticky Unscrollable Blackberry Trackball Without Disassembling

It is very irritating to find out that our blackberry trackball not working when we want to place an emergency call. Most of the unscrollable problem in blackberry trackball happens to scroll down, mine too. I have tried to find a solution to clean my sticky blackberry trackball in (i use blackberry javelin), but most of them recommend disassembling and replacing the blackberry trackball with a new part. I don't think these ideas are good to fix my blackberry trackball. I hate it, not only for the money i should spend, but also for the time consuming and risk which may arise during disassembling this blackberry trackball. I'm just a common user, not a high skilled technician. (^_^)

blackberry trackball not working

Hhhh.. first i think there's no hope till i find these tricks to clean blackberry trackball, hope it works for you as it works for me. Please note that these tricks can also be applied to clean blackberry tour, blackberry javelin, blackberry curve and any other blackberry models with trackball pointing device. I've tried all these tricks to clean and fix my blackberry trackball but the one works best for me is the first trick using a straw!! Yess, a STRAW !! Here i will list all the tricks to clean blackberry trackball problem, hopefully one of them will help you unstick your unscrollable blackberry trackball.. Here we go:

1. StrawBerry - Rotating Straw trick
This has nothing to do with a fruit name, but because this trick consists of using a plastic straw to clean blackberry trackball problem so i think it will be great to give this trick a nickname StrawBerry (Straw + Berry). All you have to do is to find a straw with diameter almost equal (90%) to your blackberry trackball size. Position the straw on the trackball. Then rotate the straw by giving some pressure to the trackball. Rotate the straw clockwise and counterclockwise a couple of times. This way we try to rotate the blackberry trackball in a direction which never happened in normal usage. Why? In normal usage, the rotation axis is axis-X (up & down) and axis-Y (left & right). This straw tricks will rotate the blackberry trackball in axis-Z. This way the trackball will give some friction to the sensor's surface which will eventually clean and remove any dirt collected in the trackball sensor's surface. THIS ONE WORKS FOR ME !! THANK GOD.. Here's the picture of my blackberry 8900 javelin and the magic straw.. (^_~)

Rotate Straw to Clean Blackberry Trackball

1a. Flying StrawBerry - Rotating Straw with "Wings"
I recently found this trick, wanna share with you. This time cuts the down side of the straw with a scissor to make wings like the following picture:

Cut the Down Side of The Straw To Slip In Blackberry Trackball

Slip these wings side slowly into the blackberry trackball. Make sure all the wings you cut are inserted. Now rotate the straw clockwise & counterclockwise like you did in the first trick. These wings will sweep the dirt in the blackberry trackball. Afterward pull out the straw and rotate the trackball, you will see a lot of dirt/lint on the trackball. Carefully clean your blackberry trackball and repeat this procedure as needed. While the straw is inserted in the trackball, you may also try giving a hard and sudden blow through the straw into the trackball manually or by using a compressed air can. This will somehow blow the dirt too.

2. Scrubbing Cloth trick
Find a coarse, dry & clean cloth, dont use tissue or you may risk collecting the tissue fibre inside the blackberry trackball!! I find my handkerchief is the best suit for this trick. Clean your blackberry trackball by scrubbing this cloth in all direction with a straight and emphasize way. Retry this a couple of time. This trick is useful to force the sticky sensor inside the blackberry trackball to rotate.

3. Alcohol or other Self Evaporating Solvent trick
Use a cotton bud to apply some alcohol or any other Self Evaporating Solvent (eg. Hand Sanitizer) on the trackball. Leave it a few minutes to let the alcohol flow into the blackberry trackball sensor. This way, the dirt in the sensor may get dissolved and detached from the sensor. Help the dissolving process by scrolling the trackball as you used to do with a clean finger. This process will take a few seconds to a few minutes until all the alcohol evaporates. Meanwhile you may find the blackberry trackball disfunction when scrolled in any direction, its normal. Wait until the alcohol dries and recheck your blackberry trackball. Caution: you MUST use self evaporating solvent only or may risk damaging internal sensors or electronic parts. Remove the battery while you do this.

4. Saliva trick
I think this trick is nonsense, but some people recommend it to clean blackberry trackball. I dont try it on my blackberry as i logically think it doesnt make sense. But anyway i should list it to have a complete listing of cleaning blackberry trackball tricks. This trick consists of using your finger and saliva. Put some saliva on your finger, then use the finger to scroll the trackball. They say this way the dirt and oil on the trackball will get dissolved and stick on your finger. Afterward, clean the trackball with a clean & dry cloth. That's it.

That's all folks. Hope you find one that suits you best and may your blackberry trackball not working problem is gone forever. GOOD LUCK!!

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