Fixing Remote Control,
How to See Infrared

A Typical Remote Control Device

Nowadays, there are a lot of devices utilizing infrared as a medium of communication between devices. For example, the infrared in remote controls (air conditioner, tv set and etc) and used to be one of the communication mediums to transfer files between mobile phones and computers before the bluetooh, wifi and other wireless technologies were found.

Now back to the main topic, how can we check these devices if we can't see the infrared beam at all? How can we check our remote control is working properly? There's a local proverb, "seen things are easy to counter but unseen things are hard to counter".

To reveal our eyes to see this infrared beam, we need a digital camera or mobile phones with integrated cameras. Simply activate your digital camera and point the lens to the infrared emiting part of the devices, while doing this you should press one of the buttons on the remote control or activate the infrared transfer function in your computer if you're gonna check the infrared in your computer/laptop. Then check the monitor of the digital camera and you will see a blinking light emited by the device. This is infrared..

Infrared Beam Emited by a Remote Control

Now with this ability to see the infrared beam emited by various devices or remote controls, you can check if your remote control is functioning properly. I will recommend you to replace the batteries in these devices first to ensure enough supply of electricity power. Hope you find it useful, good luck.

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