Fixing Mouse Double Clicking on Single Click

Besides keyboard, mouse is a vital computer peripheral in modern point and click operating systems. Without a mouse, it will be quite difficult to interact with any softwares and games. And from many buttons on a mouse, the left button is the most used one. We are used to select by a left click and to run or execute by double (left) clicks. We also drag mouse (to draw or to multiple select) while clicking the left button. That is why the left mouse button will get wear out faster than any other buttons on a mouse.

And the most irritating problem with a mouse is the malfunctioning left click. Many users have reported problem with their mouse which double clicks on a single click. Mouse double clicking on single click may confuse you when you are actually trying to select an object (by a single left click) but the result is running or executing that object by double clicking. The other problem is when you try to block some words by left clicking and dragging the mouse, you will never get them selected because after you release the left click, your mouse will do another left click again (double click), and on the second (unpredicted) left click the selection will be gone. And the result is your frustration doing it all again and again.

Some users may just throw away their old mouse and buy a new one. But for some users, like me, it triggers my sixth sense to find a trick and fix it myself. That is why I am writing this article to share my tips and tricks which successfully fixed my mouse. Now it can differentiate left click and double clicks without problems anymore. I did this fix in just about 10 minutes and I think everyone can do it themselves. But any manufacturers of the mouse will never suggest and tell you how to fix your mouse, and you may already know why.. :)

If you are like me, just read on the following guides to fix mouse double clicking on single click problem. I will tell you how I did it on my point of view.


I have used this mouse for about 2 years. I like this mouse for its sleek and cool design. It also has 4 buttons and 1 scroller. Besides the 2 left and right regular buttons, the other 2 buttons are located on its side which is easily accessed with my thumb. These 2 side buttons are used to execute back and forward instruction which I find quite helpful in Windows Explorer and Firefox. Though I prefer a black one but all I can find on any computer stores is this gold one.

my gold mouse

The double clicking on single click problem happened to this mouse some time ago. First I tried to get used to this problem and patiently kept using it for at least a month when I finally decided that it had become so irritating and interfering my whole jobs on the computer that I should do something with this mouse or get a new one. But before I gave up on this mouse I thought I would better do a minor surgery on it. ;)


First I tried locating any screws on the bottom of this mouse but I cannot find them so I thought they may be hidden behind those stickers (check out the following images). After tracing each sticker with my finger I finally found 2 screw holes hidden on corner plastic pads. These plastic pads are glued to each corner of the mouse. I picked up these pads carefully and saw a hole in each pad. In these holes I could see the screws and with a suitable screwdriver I removed them. Remember to put the screws on a safe container or you may risk losing them later when you want to re-assemble your mouse again.

remove plastic sticker pad from mouse bottom  remove screws from mouse bottom

Then I tried to separate the top and bottom parts of my mouse. Be careful when you do this or you may break any small plastic clips in it. I separated mine by prying slowly the border of top and bottom parts with a thin flat tweezers handle.

pry open and separate top from bottom parts of a mouse

After removing the top part, I could see the internal components of my mouse. The layout was quite simple with a white rubber scroller, several rectangular components located on each button which seemed to be the clicker, a PCB board and some cables. I don't know the exact name to describe these rectangular components, but for the rest of this article I will just refer to them as clickers. Because my main problem was the left mouse button which double clicked on single click, I paid closer attention to this part and made a conclusion that this rectangular clicker might be the only suspect which caused the problem (see the following images).

internal components of a mouse  our suspect: rectangular mouse clicker

Due to its small size I used a loupe to examine this rectangular clicker and found that it had top and bottom parts which were united with a tiny clip on each side. In curiosity, I used a tiny flat-tip jeweler's screwdriver (-) to pry open this rectangular clicker. It was quite difficult but I finally made it. The clicker was disassembled and I could see 2 small parts in it, one was a tiny plastic (about 4mm x 3mm) and the other one was a metal spring (possibly brass?). Please store these 2 tiny parts in a safe location, believe me: you will not want to lose them! I concluded that this tiny plastic was a connector between the left mouse button and the metal spring. When we click a mouse button, the energy of our finger is sent via this tiny plastic to the metal spring. After the metal spring receives enough energy, it will be pushed down to a metal pole which triggers the click event, then it bounces back after we release our click.

mouse clicker
cap and tiny white plastic of a mouse clickerthe metal spring position in a mouse clicker
remove metal spring from mouse clicker

My double clicking on single click problem was caused by this metal spring which might have worn out by time. The only solution to fix this problem is very simple: re-adjust the spring. With a tiny tool, I widened the spring gap (see the following images). A wider spring gap will avoid accidental clicks after your initial click. Please be careful not to break the spring as it is made of a very thin metal plate.

cap, tiny plastic and metal spring of a mouse clicker  clicker internal metal pole

That was all I did to fix my mouse. Afterward, I re-assembled all the parts back to their place. Assembling the mouse was quite easy, just reverse the disassembling steps. Special attention must be given to assemble the tiny plastic part, it will be easier when we do it upside down to avoid this tiny part from falling off. Use a tweezers to pick up and handle the tiny parts.

It is a cheap and easy DIY solution to fix mouse double clicking on single click problem. If you want to do it yourself (DIY), you can follow my steps above. There is nothing to lose, instead of throwing away your mouse, you can test your skill on it and who knows, it will fix yours as it fixed mine. Good luck!

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