Fixing Android Tablet Not Booting
A Personal Experience With Chinese Tablet

I am writing this tutorial as a personal experience with my chinese-made tablet pc. In general it is a 7" MID ePad Android Tablet powered by VIA 8650 800MHz CPU and Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. I believe the built in operating system is supplied by WonderMedia Technologies (WMT) as there are many WonderMedia Technologies applications pre-installed in it and some of them come with chinese user interface which i cannot understand and decide to uninstall later.

I decided to buy this chinese tablet because it was very affordable compared to other currently famous tablet pc such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak, which price may be 4-5 times higher. And this was also my first time making purchase from overseas which i supposed to be quite risky. But considering the price was cheap (under $100) and if any bad things happened (cheating seller, broken in shipment, undelivered and etc) i just lost some bucks so i finally decided that it was worth to try and i will take the risk.

First Encounter
The parcel was delivered in about 10 days by UPS ExpressSaver which I had chosen when making the purchase. When the courier arrived at my home, I was asked to pay the import duty fee charged by customs and it cost me about $28. But later, after analyzing the import duty payment form, I found out that the handling fee charged by UPS itself cost more than the customs..!! Though I was disappointed, still I was very happy to receive this long awaited tablet pc in good condition. It was well packed in a carton box, wrapped with bubble form and put in a plastic UPS polybag.

I cant wait to open the package and turn on my tablet for the first time. It was a very happy moment like the moment when Archimedes cried out "Eureka!!". The android 2.2 froyo operating system started with an animation of android robot dancing and flying on the center of the screen then booted successfully to the home screen (in Windows we call it Desktop). The next few weeks after I received my tablet pc, I found myself playing games, typing emails, browsing sites, using facebook, playing multimedia contents and installing lots of applications with this chinese tablet pc. To add new android applications to this tablet, you cannot use the regular android app market such as found in Samsung GalaxyTab because it needs a registered google account with the android OS. I think that this chinese tablet is not supplied with legal, registered Android OS. The only way to install android applications to this chinese tablet pc is by downloading .apk extension files from internet, put them in your SD card and install them with the built-in file browser pointed to that SD card. Apk extension stands for Android Package and it is the installer file you need to add application to your chinese tablet pc, idem to msi extension in Windows OS. Running the apk files will install the application. Some places to download APK (android installer) files are:

Nightmare: Tablet Not Booting  
There was a night when my gf played angry birds in my chinese tablet pc and the next morning when I turned it on, it quitted booting and the screen froze with the android robot stood still in the center of the screen while on the left bottom corner of the screen showed:

Android TM OS 2.2
Kernel 2.6.32
Build Number V1.3.1

Android Tablet Freeze on Booting Process

Trial I: Unsuccessful
I had tried a lot of ways to make it boot again including hard power off (pressing the power button for more than 5 seconds), reset the device (pushing a small pin to the small hole at the side of the screen, there are 2 holes: one for microphone and the other for reset button, you should try which one), leave it turned on until the battery drained off (just like pulling a bios battery off a motherboard to reset), try to press combinations of various keys I can find on the tablet pc. They all failed to fix this chinese tablet pc and made me start thinking that all chinese products are lack of quality. I searched google and read a lot of forum posts but find no solutions to my problem. I also tried to upgrade the firmware by copying new firmware to \script\ folder on the root of my SD card and put the SD card in its slot before turning on the tablet pc. It failed too because the screen did not react nor show anything, just freezing on the first boot screen with the android robot posing still in the center of the screen. Since then I always hate that robot. It was a frustrated experience and I started to read from forum posts that it could be a problem with the dead NAND drive in the tablet or the overheating/overcharging battery which may cease working.

Trial II: Failed Too
I tried to contact the seller and asked for solution to my problem, hoping that I could fix it myself without sending it back the country where it came from because if I did that, I had to bear the two ways shipping costs as one of the warranty terms and frankly they were not cheap and the customs may charge me another import duty fee when the repaired package arrived at my doorway. Overall the shipping costs may cost me the same price as a new tablet pc.

The seller is good and very cooperative, one of their sales team, a woman, told me to try to upgrade the firmware and provided me with 3 links of the firmware archive files. The 3 files were part of a RAR file which were splitted. The links were hosted in a chinese file sharing site :

EP07-V2.2.part1.rar -
EP07-V2.2.part2.rar -
EP07-V2.2.part3.rar -

As instructed, I downloaded all the files and used WinRAR to extract all the firmware files to \script\ folder in my micro SD card (some people call it TransFlash). So if my micro SD was loaded to drive F:\ then all the firmware files were stored in F:\script folder. Then I removed my micro SD card from the card reader and put it in the tablet micro SD slot while the tablet is off. With the power adapter kept charging to ensure that no power failure during firmware upgrade process, I turned the tablet on, hoping to get a message or warning of the firmware upgrade process like the one described in one forum about the firmware upgrade process. The first frame I saw on screen was the standing still android robot again, but after a minute, the screen did not shift to other frame about warning nor message. Curious, I waited longer (20 minutes - 30 minutes) and there was still nothing on the screen. For me, it meant there was no hope for my tablet, it had totally died. I was very upset and threw it to a corner of my house. "Rubbish" I mumbled. Due to my busy activities at that time, I had almost forgotten it and did not even try to contact the seller again to tell her about the failure.

Two weeks later, I had been through the busy times and that time I tried to make another contact to the seller again. Another sales team (not the one who handled my case before) replied my message. She asked me about the type of tablet I purchased and offered to upgrade the firmware again, but this time with a different firmware, not the previous two files. She said that was a new firmware suitable for my chinese tablet. I did not believe her anymore and said that I had tried upgrading the firmware given by her coworkers before and it failed. I also told her that there might be a problem with the internal NAND drive or overheating battery or processor as all tablets are sealed with no air circulation for its internal electronic components.

She told me not to worry (but I actually DID..!!), and asked me if I wanted to try her suggestion first or sent the tablet back to them immediately. Considering the high two-way shipping costs plus another customs import fee, I finally made myself try her suggestion with the latest firmware. I downloaded it from a link she provided:

New Firmware:
Official FW M009s WM8650 Android2.2 7" xx.11.06(Mediafire) -
Alternative Link:
Official FW M009s WM8650 Android2.2 7" xx.11.06(Rapidshare) -

She also provided me with old firmware in case i need it :
7inch 8650 latest firmware part 1
Root patch part 2
I never used this old firmware, i used the new one.

After I successfully downloaded the new firmware (Official FW M009s WM8650 Android2.2 7" xx.11.06) and viewed the archive with WinRAR, I saw a different file structure compared to previous firmware:


The first and second lines were folders, the last one was a file. I tried to view the content of "wmt_scriptcmd" in Notepad and found out that the content had a lot of line pointed to FirmwareInstall\*.* files. I made a summary that this "wmt_scriptcmd" was probably like "autorun.inf" file in Windows OS which directed execution to certain files in FirmwareInstall folder. There was no "script" folder anywhere in the archive, contrary to what I knew about the firmware upgrade process which involving "script" folder.

Next, I copied all the contents of M009S_06.11 folder to the root folder of my micro SD so they became:


Then I removed the micro SD from card reader and inserted it in the tablet micro SD slot. For safety and to make sure there was no battery failure during the firmware upgrade process, I plugged in the power adapter. After that I turned on the device and as usual, the android robot showed up. I did not expect this, but maybe the robot knew I hated it, this time it was just awhile and the screen shifted to next message showing the upgrade process. "Eureka..!!" I finally can upgrade the firmware, but still I did not know what would happen next, would the firmware upgrade process fail in the middle? and if the upgrade was successful, would it fix my tablet ? Here is the screenshot of the firmware upgrade process:

Android Firmware Upgrading Process

Here is the documented android firmware upgrade process step by step, as shown on the screen:
Upgrading W-Load to SF.
Upgrading U-Boot to SF.
Upgrading U-Boot env.cfg. to SF.
Upgrading Ramdisk to NAND.
Upgrading Kernel to NAND.
Upgrading FileSystem partition(Nand).
   copy rootfs patch&restore files...
Upgrading U-Boot LOGO to NAND
Upgrading Kernel LOGO to NAND
copy data to Android-Data partition(Nand)..
copy pre-files to LocalDisk...

On top of the screen there is a message "WM8650 Android2.2 FW Upgrading ..." while on the bottom of the screen there is a progress bar and a message "DON'T REMOVE INSTALLATION MEDIA" which changes to "PLEASE REMOVE INSTALLATION MEDIA" after successful upgrade.

If you are interested to see the video of the firmware upgrade process, i have successfully documented it here:

The upgrade process was quite fast, it just took less than 4 minutes to finish. After the process finished, the screen displayed a message to remove the micro SD and restart the tablet. After restarting the tablet, here came again the android robot, but it was just standing for a while and then proceeded to dance on the center of the screen. I was really happy to find out that this android robot had eventually come to life again after 2 months of inactivity. What an experience.. I believe that there are still a lot of people out there who may have the same problem like mine, frustrated with unbootable chinese tablet device. I personally hope this article will save your time, effort and money to fix your unbootable chinese tablet by trying what I did with my tablet.

Summary: Never Give Up
The key is to use the correct and suitable firmware for your tablet, though all the firmwares are built with Android OS but they may vary by brands and models. One firmware may be suitable for a tablet but may not be suitable for others. To look for the correct firmware, I recommend you to refer to your seller or product manufacturer, either by using their online website or by contacting their customer service personally.

Footnote: Resolving Malfunctioning Touch Screen Issue After Successful Flashing and Booting

In certain cases when you have successfully flashed the new firmware and made the android tablet boot normally again, but find out that the touch screen is not functioning and not reacting to any of user touch input, it is caused by a different touchscreen decoder chip you have in your tablet. To make it works for your tablet, you need to edit some of the firmware files. You can try this solution pointed out by one of our commenters ShibuVas:

For WM8650 models follow this to resolve touchscreen issue. There are many different versions of 8650 tablets using different touchscreen decoder chips - vt1603 or uor615x or uor615 or vt1609 or it7260 or others. The following example shows you how to modify the touchscreen decoder chip model in firmware files from vt1603 model to uor615x model. Make the following changes to files in the SD card prior to flashing:

  1. file FirmwareInstall/packages/fs_patch/root_patch/system/default.prop :
    find the line ro.wmt.touchpannel=0 and change it to ro.wmt.touchpannel=1
  2. file FirmwareInstall/env/uboot_env_head, for the 2 lines :
    setenv touchcodec vt1603 and setenv 1:vt1603:2:800:480
    change them to,
    setenv touchcodec uor615x and setenv 1:uor615x:0:800:480

Then flash the firmware as usual. If you have an 8" tab change all the '480's to '600's d( 800x600 resolution for a 8" tablet) - not applicable to your 7" case.

Currently documented touchscreen decoder chips are:
»   vt1603
»   vt1609
»   uor615x
»   uor615
»   it7260

Documented audio decoder chips are:
»   vt1603
»   wm8900

Please note if the touchscreen still does not work for you, i believe that you may have other touchscreen decoder chip type which we have not discussed here. I suggest you to ask your seller for the tablet specification especially the touchscreen decoder chip so you can alter the firmware files based on it.

Good luck, adios..

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Firmware provided by my seller:
Old firmware which did not suit my tablet:
EP07-V2.2.part1.rar -
EP07-V2.2.part2.rar -
EP07-V2.2.part3.rar -

Another firmware which i never tried:
7inch 8650 latest firmware part 1 -
Root patch part 2 -

Firmware which successfully fixed my tablet:
Official FW M009s WM8650 Android2.2 7" xx.11.06 - Mediafire - - Rapidshare -

Firmwares below are provided by various tablet manufacturers and some of them are user modified versions (aka Hybrid). Use with caution and on your own risk.

EKEN products
T10 Android 4.0 rel:2012/04/07 -
T02 Android 4.0 rel:2012/04/07 -
T01 Android 4.0 rel:2012/04/07 -
M013S 1.5.5 multi-touch 1609 rel:2011/10/13 -
M013S 1.5.3 single-touch 1603 rel:2011/10/18 -
M013F Android2.3 rel:2012/02/15 -
M013F GPS rel:2011/11/03 -
M013F rel:2011/10/29 -
InfoTMIC Burning Tool rel:2011/10/29 -
M012S 1.5.1 rel:2011/07/28 -
M009F 2.3 rel:2011/11/26 -
M009S 1.5.5 multi-touch 1609 rel:2011/10/26 -
M009S 1.5.3 multi-touch 1609 rel:2011/06/26 -
M009S 1.5.3 single-touch 1603 rel:2011/10/25 -
M008S 1.5.5 multi-touch rel:2011/10/04 -
M008S 1.5.1 single-touch rel:2011/11/16 -
M008K 1.2.0 rel:2011/06/22 -
M006 rel:2011/04/28 -
M005S rel:2011/04/18 -
M003S 1.5.5 rel:2011/10/04 -
M003T rel:2011/04/28 -
M003 Android 2.0 rel:2011/06/22 -
M002 Android 2.0 rel:2011/06/22 -
M001 Android 2.0 Model 2 rel:2011/06/22 -
M001 Android 2.0 Model 1 rel:2011/06/22 -
Patch for Android Market - rel:2011/06/20 -
In case the links above do not support direct download, visit this page -

EASYDY products:
E10-Firmware Download(1.5.1) 2011.09.17 -
E11-Firmware Download(2.12.script-24PIN-Interface) 2011.02.12 -
E11-Firmware Download(2.12_script-30PIN-Interface) 2011.02.12 -
E18(7"8900)-Firmware Download(2.2_1.2.3 24PIN-Interface) 2011.04.18 -
E18-Firmware Download(7" 1603 List the point touch)(2.2 1.5.2 24PIN-Interface) 2011.08.26 -
E18-Firmware Download(7" 1603 the double point touches)(2.2 1.5.2 24PIN-Interface) 2011.08.26 -
ED99(8cun8900)-Firmware Download(2.2_1.2.2_30PIN-Interface) 2011.04.12 -
ED99-Firmware Download(8"1603)(2.2 1.5.1 30PIN-Interface) 2011.07.20 -
E88-Firmware Download(9.7"1603)(2.2 1.5.3 30PIN-Interface) 2011.09.07 -
E16(5"1603)-Firmware Download(2.2_1.2.3) 2011.05.10 -
7_inch_VIA8650-Uberoid_WM8650_2.2_v1.2.2_NL_20110409-HcH.7z (Rapidshare) -
7 inch M009S Factory Firmware 1.2.0 rel:2011-03-28 Android 2.2 -
Android 2.1 en tablet apad, epad 7" -
ANDROID 1.6 TABLET 7" WMT2.1.2_105 (MID or Apad) -
M731-1.2.3.rar (Firmware Android 2.2 Froyo 1.2.3) -

WM8650_1.3.0_HoneyCombMOD_20110510-HcH.7z -
HYBRiD WM8650 UBEROID 1.3.0 v5.7z by HcH -
HYBRiD WM8650 UBEROID 1.3.0 v6.7z by HcH -
HYBRiD WM8650 UBEROID 1.3.0 v10.1.7z by HcH -
Uberoid_WM8650_2.2_v1.2.2.7z -

UDROIDX built 1.5.3 WM8650 for M70007T 7" & M80003W 8" -
UDROIDX built 1.5.5 WM8650 for M70007T 7" & M80003W 8" -

M7007t_WesB_Hybrid.rar - modified ROM by WesB -
Factory firmware M009s 1.2.0 (03-28) -
7_inch_VIA8650_blue _Led_greenheadphone.part1.rar -
7_inch_VIA8650_blue _Led_greenheadphone.part2.rar -

10in_WM8650_M008S.03.06_Ver1.1.1 2011-02-17.7z.001 -
10in_WM8650_M008S.03.06_Ver1.1.1 2011-02-17.7z.002 -

M731-1.2.0_WM8650 systerm.7z.001 -
M731-1.2.0_WM8650 systerm.7z.002 -
M731-1.2.0_WM8650 systerm.7z.003 -

Slatedroid Singularity A816 -
Slatedroid Singularity M003s BETA -
Slatedroid Singularity M008s BETA -
Slatedroid Singularity M009s FINAL -
Slatedroid Singularity M009s FINAL -
Slatedroid Singularity M009S Final v5 (WMT1.5.0 Based).zip -
Slatedroid Singularity M010s BETA -
Slatedroid Singularity M10v2 FINAL -
Slatedroid Singularity M10v2 FINAL -
Slatedroid Singularity MID816 -
Slatedroid Singularity SkyPad Alpha Beta -

Vestinious A816 1.0.1 -
Vestinious A816 1.1.1 -
Vestinious A816 1.1.2 -
Vestinious M003s -
Vestinious M009s 1.3.3 Flash 10.2 Full (WMT 1.3.0).zip -
Vestinious M009s 1.3.4 (rebuild based on Eken WMT 1.3.0).zip -
Vestinious M009s 1.3.5 (rebuild based on Eken WMT 1.3.0).zip -
Vestinious M009s 1.3.6 (rebuild based on Eken WMT 1.3.0).zip -
Vestinious M009s Wifi hotfix if you need it (rebuild based on Eken WMT 1.3.0).zip -
Vestinious M70007T ROM -

SV27A-11.5.5 7" WM8650 600MHZ DSP500MHZ Android2.2 Shenzhen Tech Co Ltd 2011-12-31 -
7A-1 1.5.3 7"TFT BOXCHIP A10 Cortex a8 1.2G Android 4.0 Shenzhen Tech Co Ltd 2011-10-20 -
7A1.5.3 7"TFT BOXCHIP A10 Cortex a8 1.2G Android 4.0 Shenzhen Tech Co Ltd 2011-10-20 -
SV28B 1.5.1 8" WM8650 600MHZ DSP500MHZ Android2.2 Shenzhen Tech Co Ltd 2011-9-25 -
SV27D1.5.1 7" WM8650 800Mhz Android 2.2 Shenzhen Tech Co Ltd 2011-9-25 -
SV27C1.5.1Archive 7" WM8650 800Mhz Android 2.2 Shenzhen Tech Co Ltd 2011-9-24 -
If it does not support hot linking, please go to their site to download: -

MG106C 10 inch android 2.2 Freescale i.MX515 CORTEX A8 1GMHZ - - - -
Herotab M10/Gpad GeForce/HT Pad 1051 Android 2.2 2011-05-23 -
APAD IMX515 A8 v1.02 - 2011-01-06 -
APAD IMX515 v1.01 - 2010-12-18 -
APAD IMX515 Freescale A8 dual speakers - 2011-01-17 -
GPad GeForce (2nd batch - Logo on back) released 14/03/2011 -
GPad GeForce (1st batch - No logo on back) released 01/26/2011 -
M731-1.5.1-7inch-android2.2-two-touch.rar -
8 inch 8650 atai 1.51.tar.gz -
10inch yinfanwei -
7inch android 2.2 ver 1.5.3(DDR512) 4GB DCPAD1453.rar -
7inch android 2.2 tablet DCPAD1282 -
Android 2.3.3 firmware for Wopad WH0/WH1 -
SANEI N90 Allwinner A10 9.7 IPS Capacitive Screen Tablet PC -
SANEI N77 Elite Version (Android 4.0) firmware -
SANEI N77 Deluxe Edition (Android 4.0.4) firmware - Chinese -
Gpad GForce Plus Tablet PC 9.7 Inch Android 2.3 - -
SuperPad2 Flytouch3 Hybrid Tim6a Rom (rooted) -
Paladin 4.0. 3 firmware Flash11 2012. 4 .17 -
Synrgic W7 7" Android 2.2 Froyo Freescale i.MX515 Cortex-A8 1GHz HD(105) please rename .mov to .rar -

7" CEM series (35 models in directory) -
8" CEM series (10 models in directory) -
9.7" CEM series (11 models in directory) -
10" CEM series (17 models in directory) -

MaiPad series:
MaiPad MX710 Android 2.3 OS software 2011.7.rar -
MaiPad MX710 Update Software 2011-08-05.rar -
MaiPad MX7650 2GB V1.5.3 2011.9.10.rar -
MaiPad MX7650 4GB Update software_V1.5.2-2011.10.rar -
MaiPad MX7650_V1.3.0 update software.rar -
MaiPad MX8650_v1.2.2 Update sofeware.rar -
MaiPad MX8650_v1.2.2 Update software.rar -
Maipad MX7650 Update Software.rar -
Maipad MX7651 V1.5.0 stable English OS 2011.7.rar -
Maipad MX7651 update software.rar -
Maipad MX8650 Update Software V1.3.0.rar -
MAIPAD F10B 2011.9.1-L.rar -
MAIPAD F10B 8GB,16GB update software 2011.8.16.rar -
MAIPAD MX021B logo Software 2011.7.21.rar -
MAIPAD MX19 Update software 2011.10.20.rar -
MAIPAD MX19 Update software 2011.9.15.rar -
MAIPAD MX710 Update software_2011-10.rar -
MAIPAD MX7650 Software V1.2.2.rar -
MAIPAD MX8650 Update software.rar -
MAIXIN Maipad MX79 update software.rar -

MaPan series:
MAPAN F10B Cortex A8 UPDATE Software 2011.12.8-L.rar -
MAPAN F10B RAM -1G UPDATE Software 2012.4.1.rar -
MAPAN F10B SEVEN SOFTWARE 2012.2.11.rar -
MAPAN F10B SEVEN Update software 2012.4.19.rar -
MAPAN MX19 Memory 1GB Update software 2012.3.22.rar -
MAPAN MX710 UPDATE SOFTWARE 2011.11.26.rar -
MAPAN MX7650 4GB Update software V1.5.7-CH 2012.2.28.rar -
MAPAN MX7650 UPDATE SOFTWARE-V1.5.7-Ya 2012.1.12.rar -
MAPAN MX8650 2GB V1.5.5 2011.12.5-ST.rar -
MaPan MX7650 2GB UPDATE SOFTWARE V1.5.5-L.rar -
MaPan MX7650 2GB Update Software V1.5.5-L-F.rar -
MaPan MX7650 2GB(First 4GB Version) 2011.11.30-V1.5.5_1609-C.rar -
MaPan MX7650 4GB Update Software V1.5.5 2011.10.30.rar -
MaPan MX7650 4GB Update Software V1.5.5-Ya 2011.12.6.rar -
MaPan MX7650 4GB Update Software VT-v1.5.5 2011.11.15.rar -
MaPan MX8650_std_vt1609_V1.5.7-Ji 2012.4.8.rar -
mapan mx19 seven RAM-1GB software 2012.4.9-1m.rar -

Zenithink ZT-180 10.1" 256 MB 2GB 0324 flash10 MID Android2.2 -
Elonex 10" 1000ET eTouch Android 2.2 v1122 FW -
Elonex 7" NXTTAB7BL v1028 FW -
Elonex 10" NXTTAB10BL FW v1.02 -

Acer Android Tablet Aseries:
Acer A200 (cheaper version, compatible with A500) Honeycomb 3.2.1 -
Acer_A501_0.000.00_4.483.01_EMEA_TMPL - -
Kernel source code for Acer Iconia A500 Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 Honeycomb -

For Android HoneyComb 3.0.1 :
Acer_A500_1.013.01_EMEA_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_1.016.01_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_1.016.02_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_1.104.02_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_1.104.03_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_1.104.04_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_1.104.05_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A501_1.309.02_COM_GEN1 -

For Android HoneyComb 3.1 :
Acer_A500_4.010.10_COM_GEN2 -
Acer_A500_4.010.13_COM_GEN2 -
Acer_A500_4.010.22_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_4.010.38_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_4.010.41_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_4.010.42_EMEA_GEN3 -
Acer_A500_4.017.07_EMEA_CUS7 -

For Android HoneyComb 3.2 :
Acer_A501_4.017.03_EMEA_CUS7 -
Acer_A501_4.027.15_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A500_7.006.01_COM_GEN2 -
Acer_A500_7.006.03_COM_GEN1 -
Acer_A501_4.037.01_EMEA_TMPL -
Acer_A501_4.066.29_COM_GEN1 -

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  • Ron Stewart: I did it! I successfully fix my WM8650 Android 2.3 tablet after a month of desperate feeling. I am totally a newbie and think it will be difficult to do it myself. But after slowly reading and understanding the steps in your ebook (trying to figure out everything..LOL), i give it a try on my tablet.
    First i didnt make it because of the wrong firmware i chose, but after trying the third firmware, i make it back to life again. Thanks a million!
  • joan adkins: Thank god i found this site! I get my tablet back to life again
    thanks to the complete firmware list in your ebook. U are my savior!
  • Paulfaulk: THANK YOU SO MUCH
    you have saved my bacon with your guide
    I owe you one
  • Sat K: Hi Admin, I was able to get the tablet up and running.... Thanks for your help.
  • Ramon: Man! I had the same problem and fixed it ! Was tired and gived up just like you! Thank you so much bro! :D
  • Fadi Henri: Really this is an EXTREMELY helpful ebook ... So, thanks a lot for your great efforts.
  • Lopegghio: Complimenti!! Era da tantissimo tempo che cercavo di riavviare il tablet , ci sono riuscito solo grazie alla tua guida Step by step!! Sei un grande ....A presto!!
  • and many more... for proof, checkout users' 1300++ comments below

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