Eliminating Mild Scratches on Car Body

Scratches on car body impair your favorite car exterior beauty. As a car owner, of course you want to immediately address the scratches so the car smoothness gets back as usual.

If the scratches on the car body is mild and not much, you can disguise the scratches yourself. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Wash your car, especially on where the scratches are. It is intended to clean dust or dirt on the car body paint.
  2. Dry your car body using a chamois cloth until no more water droplets remain on the car body.
  3. Apply paint-scratches remover ingredient (compound) on scratched area and blend with your fingers on the etched areas.
  4. Gently rub with slight pressure to flatten the scratched surface back to the surrounding paint with a dry soft cloth.
  5. Repeat point number 3 to 5 if you do not get the maximum result, the visible scratch thinning and flush with the surrounding paint.
  6. If scratches are no longer visible, then rub the area with paint polishing liquid. Do it gently using a soft and clean cloth. At this step, your car paint should be smooth back again.

The above tips can only be applied if the scratches are still mild and the car body plate is not visible yet. Another thing you need to consider is the scratch remover ingredient (compound). Select a compound that does not fade and does not leave the color on buffer. If the paint color is found sticked on the buffer, it indicates that the compound has the power to lift the car body paint. Do not use such a compound because in prolonged usage, it will fade the color of the paint.

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