Easy Etching Glass Tips

Transparent glass can transfer light while mirror can reflect light. Etched glass/mirror is part of glass or mirror which obscures light from being transferred or reflected. This etched glass area can create a visual image, pattern or text which differs from the surrounding glass area. Checkout the following samples:

You can also create one of these charming and beautiful etched glass yourself by following the tips described below. Please remember that creativity is limitless and you can etch the glass with any images, patterns or texts as you like.


  1. Glass, mirror or ceramic
    This is where your images will be etched on.
  2. Etching cream
    You can order it online or buy one at your local craft store.
  3. Cutting sticker or vinyl stencil
    You can order a ready made cutting sticker design or create one youself.
  4. Sketches or images on transfer paper
    If you choose to use your own images you need to print it out in black and white only (no grayscale).
  5. Sharp knife or exacto knife
    To cut the pattern out of stencil area.
  6. Latex gloves
    To protect your hands from the caustic acid in the etching cream.
  7. Water
    To clean the glass and etching cream.


  1. Glass preparation
    Clean your glass and wipe it completely dry with lint-free cloth.
  2. Stick your vinyl stencil on glass
    By either using an adhesive or its own adhesive. Make sure there is no bubble underneath the stencil.

  3. Transfer the pattern to stencil
    If you order a ready made cutting sticker or stencil, just skip this step. If you decide to use your own design, carefully cut out the pattern and peel the sticker off the vinyl stencil using a sharp knife or exacto knife.
  4. Apply etching cream
    Put on your latex gloves and by using a small brush or cutton bud, apply the etching cream evenly on the area where you cut the pattern out off the stencil (area exposed to glass surface).
  5. Wash out the etching cream from glass
    Read the instruction on your etching cream packing to find out how long you need to wait before washing out your etching cream under a water tap (usually 5 to 10 minutes). During all these processes, make sure there is no skin contact with the ecthing cream as it contains caustic substance.

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