Salt and Kerosene Make Effective Curing Potion For Centipedes and Scorpion's Poison

I think everyone of us is familiar with kerosene and salt, every kitchen and household has them. We need them in our daily life, but do you know that besides the ordinary usage as source of energy and seasoning, those items have other benefits which are not yet revelead by scientists?

These kerosene and salt have been used traditionally in Asian for centuries as a curing potion and emergency medicine to cure the poison of small insects, centipedes, bees, scorpions when we are bitten by those poisonous animals.

centipede poison   scorpion poison

It's actually quite easy to use this potion, that is why we named in "emergency medicine". Simply dissolves some salt with kerosene and smear this salt and kerosene potion to the bitten wound. Do this regularly and re-smear again when the previous potion has dried on your skin. This potion will relieve the pains and aches of the bitten wound and it will recover in 1-2 days.

Please note that this potion may not be effective for all poisons, especially those released by highly poisonous animals such as snake and cobra. If you suspect you are bitten by these highly poisonous animals or the potion is not working for that particular poison, you should refer to the doctor and take other emergency medical actions immediately. These may include stopping blood circulation to your heart from the bitten area, by tying the area near the wound between the wound and your heart. This action is meant to stop the poison spreading to other parts of your body.

Happy to share with you, good luck..!

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