Air Conditioner Installation Tips

If you are going to install a new split air conditioner in your room, you may want to refer to the following tips to optimize the installation and achieve better ac efficiency and performance.

  • As the electrical power source, use a separate receptacle outlet from other appliances, equipped with a safety fuse.
    Separate Power Outlet for AC Indoor Unit
  • The recommended maximum length of freon pipe connecting the air conditioner indoor and outdoor unit is 5 meters (16 feet). Another recommendation is to use high quality copper pipe.
    Use Copper Pipe With Maximum Length 5 meters to Connect AC Indoor and Outdoor Unit
  • It is advised to install the air conditioner indoor unit on the wide side not the long side so that the exhaled cool air from the unit travels further.
    Install AC Indoor Unit on Wide Side
  • Keep away the air conditioner indoor unit from the back of walls which are exposed to direct sunlight.
    Do Not Install AC Indoor Unit at the Back Side of Wall Exposed to Direct Sunlight
  • Keep in mind to allow some free space from surrounding area when installing the air conditioner outdoor unit. Read your air conditioner installation manual for the recommended spacing. As a rough estimation, general recommended spaces are as follow:
    - Right, left and rear side: 25cm (10 inches)
    - Top side: 10cm (4 inches)
    - Front side (where the hot air is blowed out): 80cm (32 inches)
    Allow Free Space for AC Outdoor Unit Installation
  • Where possible, do not expose ac outdoor unit to direct sunlight. Place it in a shaded area to ensure optimal hot air disposal.
Source: Sharp Electronics

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